Farquar Family Winery is happy to offer its olive milling services to growers.  We use a Toscana Enologica Mori mill and can process up to  1200 lbs in one working day.


To secure a milling date, customers must complete the following three steps:


Fill out our Milling Reservation Form: Please fill out our online Reservation Form below and be sure to press submit when finished.  If you are unable to access the online form, contact us so that one may be sent to you via email or USPS.  Farquar Family Winery will confirm your reservation by email or phone.

Pay a $150 Reservation Fee: Upon confirmation, a $150 Reservation Fee is required.  This modest fee covers the cost of making a reservation as well as olive mill setup, cleanup, water/power usage and waste disposal.  Payment can be made by calling  us (858-335-1856) with your credit or debit card information.


Read and sign our Services Agreement: It is essential that you read this agreement.  It provides all details concerning what we expect from customers who deliver olives, as well as what customers should expect from us.  Failure to meet Farquar Family Winery‚Äôs requirements may result in our being unable to mill your olives.  The Services Agreement can be downloaded here: Farquar Family Winery Services Agreement.  If you are unable to download this file, please contact us so that we may send one to you via email or USPS.